• All-breed boarding with individual indoor/outdoor kennels
  • Heated and air-conditioned buildings
  • Food, dishes, beds and carpets are supplied, but you may bring your
    pet's own supplies (we provide Wysong dog food in kennels,
    manufactured in Midland, Michigan)
  • Full-time staff during the day and on-premise supervision at night
  • Extra large runs for large dogs or doubles
  • Additional off-leash playtime with a staff member is available
  • Daily walks available on our 11-acre property
  • Dog baths, brushing and nail trims can be scheduled for short haired
    breeds during your boarding stay
  • Required vaccinations - distemper vaccine, rabies vaccine and bordetella
    vaccine. Heartworm testing as recommended by your vet. Negative fecal
    exam every 6 months.
  • If your pet requires medical attention, a veterinarian will be consulted
    immediately (medications can be administered if needed)
  • Reservations are necessary. No charge for cancellations made 48 hours
    in advance
  • Minimum 2-night stay on weekends, minimum 3-night stay on all major
  • Senior citizen discounts happily given
  • Boarded in a separate area from the dogs - window view available
  • Includes food, litter and bedding
  • Owners are welcome to bring their own pet food, toys, treats or bedding
  • Playtime available in a secure indoor area
  • Required vaccinations - feline distemper, rabies, feline leukemia vaccine
    or negative blood test, negative fecal yearly required
  • Medications can be administered if needed.
  • Do not feed your pet at least 2 hours prior to boarding
  • Make reservations as far in advance as possible. We recommend at least
    4-6 weeks during the summer and not less than 12 weeks before major
  • Notify our office if your pet has had any illness or has been sneezing,
    coughing, or had diarrhea prior to reservation date
  • New clients should bring a familiar item from home to leave with your pet
  • Please respect our business hours. Although we live on-premise, 24 hour
    service is not available. We will respond to emergencies.
Country Kennel
Pet Care Center
1010 Jewell Road
Milan, Michigan 48160
Phone:  734-429-2375
Fax:  734-429-9600
Boarding can be stressful for not only the pet but the owner as well. We invite
you to visit us prior to making a reservation. No appointment is necessary, just
drop in during the business hours and inspect our facility and meet some of the
staff who will be responsible for your pet's care. When you bring your pet for
boarding, you will help us take your dog or cat to it's room. Owner involvement is
essential for the pet's, and our, comfort. While on vacation, call us to check on
your pet. Don't be in a hurry because we will probably need to go find the
kennel attendant who has been taking care of your pet so they can speak
directly to you.
Pills & Liquids - $1.00 per type and administration
Salves & Drops - $1.00 per type and administration
Injections - $3.00 per injection

Multi-pet Discount - 30% off second dog/cat in same kennel

Senior Discount (age 60+) - 10% off boarding fee

Discount Rates
2 large dogs together - $52.28
2 small dogs together - $4
1 large & 1 small dog together - $
2 cats together -
Boarding Rates
(Effective 12/1/
Large Dogs   

Small Dogs        


Second Dog